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Stay connected from the comfort of your own home, regardless of where you live, with YahClick satellite internet.  YahClick delivers a fast, reliable and affordable satellite broadband solution that is available in 28 countries across the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia.


To find your local YahClick service partner, please visit our service partner map.


Yahsat’s Y1B satellite is dedicated to beaming the YahClick service across underserviced regions, offering internet connectivity via Ka-band multi-spot beams. The result is a highly increased level of overall internet efficiency and reliability for your home. Installation is quick and easy, and the dish size requirements are relatively small, meaning that YahClick is suitable for nearly every household.


Satellite broadband has the ability to reach you in the most remote and rural areas of the world without the need for telephone lines. Our high-speed satellite internet service allows for connectivity even in areas of heavy rainfall thanks to YahClick’s satellite technology, which constantly adjusts power to prevent the internet connection from being lost or disrupted.  


Through the wide range of service plans available, you can readily pick the best service package that matches your needs.

Home Plans2Download speed (Kbps)3Upload speed (Kbps )4Monthly Allowance (GB)5
Value 51215121284.5 GB
Home 5125121286 GB
Value 1 Mbps11,0242569 GB
Home 1 Mbps1,02425612 GB
Home 2 Mbps2,04851218 GB
Home 3 Mbps3,07276822 GB
Home 4 Mbps4,09676826 GB
Home 5 Mbps5,12076830 GB
Home 7 Mbps7,16876835 GB
Home 10 Mbps10,240768

40 GB


YahClick provides fast, reliable and cost effecitive satellite internet for your home. For more information please contact your local YahClick service partner.

  1. Value 512 and Value 1 Mbps plans are only available in selected markets.
  2. Each Service Partner may offer a subset of these service plans—not all service plans are available in every market
  3. Download and Upload speeds are “up to” speeds. Actual speeds will depend on time of day, events happening in the same location and usage patterns in each market.
  4. Fair Access Policy applies. Users are able to download 10% of their monthly data allowance during any rolling 72 hour period. Speeds will be reduced if usage exceeds permitted download allowance. Unlimited data upload is permitted. Upload data is not counted as part of the monthly data allowance, and no upload speed reductions apply.
  5. Unlimited FreeZone applies from 1am to 6am. Data downloaded during FreeZone is not counted as part of the download allowance.

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